FREE Community Festival

Saturday 8 June 10.00 a.m. – late

St John’s Church, Bridgetown, Totnes TQ9 5AD

Celebrate – Discover – Imagine


Who is organising this?

A wide range of local voluntary and community groups have played a part in bringing this event together. Erica Lewis (whose original nudge this was) has been leading the co-ordination of it, with help from Dee Cunnison, Claire Allford (Bridgetown Alive), Rev. Steve Jones (St John’s Church), Luci Edwards (TTT), Charlotte Holdsworth (Livewest), Phil Nash (Plastic Free Totnes), Liz Arnold (Incredibe Edible) and many more.

What is the aim of the event?

We are doing this to respond constructively to all the challenges our community and planet faces. These include the climate and ecological emergencies, plastic and other pollution, inequality, poverty and isolation.

To face all this, a resilient community working together is really important. So we are creating Totnes Alive! to celebrate what we already do and help us all feel like we belong. To help make it accessible to all corners of the community, the event is free. Donations will be welcome on the day.

We hope to provide a spark of inspiration to contribute something new. We all get that gentle nudge to do something now and again, often followed by a zillion reasons why we can’t or it’s not enough. But whether we are nudged to make a cake for a poorly neighbour or set up a new global movement, it’s all equally helpful and valuable. We each have our own particular set of experiences, gifts and gentle nudges that we hope Totnes Alive! will help us to share.

Sadly, social media and politics at the moment can focus us on judging people who have different beliefs or lifestyles. We aim to focus instead on the many more ways in which we are similar. We all like to enjoy ourselves, to celebrate, to belong and to contribute something to causes and communities that matter to us. That’s what this day is all about, so we look forward to seeing you.

Where is the money coming from?

We are very grateful to have raised funding from the Totnes Wellbeing Fund (managed by the Network of Wellbeing), the South Hams Sustainable Communities Fund (with the support of Cllr Robert Vint) and from the Communities Fund Awards for All (with the support of Bridgetown Alive!).

What action will come out of Totnes Alive!?

One of the discussions at Totnes Alive! will be about what everyone would like to see happen to help develop community spirit and encourage people to follow their gentle nudge to do something to contribute. Some of the funding is to help pay for whatever emerges from those discussions. One possibility that has been floated is to have a single website which contains information about all the ways to get involved in community groups, local campaigning or action. We hope you will come along to share your ideas.

community spirit


inspire your imagination


new ways to take action


Creative: Samskara

"Imagine new ways to take action about the challenges we face, locally and globally"