Devon Wildlife Trust

As the county’s only wildlife and natural environment charity Devon Wildlife Trust needs volunteers to support the diversity of our wildlife, help people enjoy and care about the natural world and safeguard it for the future.
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The Woodland Presents

Special Branch

We need more trees!! Our friendly and elite team of guerrilla tree planters have a mission to plant 5000 trees in 20 days (4 days per year over five years). Offset your carbon footprint, get outside, get fit, have fun and create a new native woodland!
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Our Events

Our mission is to do extraordinary things in woods. Sometimes that involves inviting hundreds of people to join us; when we do, we need HELP! You may like to join our team of Woodland Presenters for a day/evening in order to help us put on a show. In return you get to come free!
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Community Woodland Management

We have 350 acres of luscious woodland to look after. We do conservation and forestry tasks all year round, there is plenty to learn with us and ultimately, it’s just bloody lovely being in the woods.
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As a not-for-profit, we are constantly looking for resources to help us achieve what we’re doing. We can’t tell you how much we’d love you if you can help us in any way, we’d probably build a little shrine to you in the woods somewhere and pray to it and stuff. Whether it’s donating to time, money or ideas to us, we’d love to hear from you.
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Upcoming Events:

january, 2022

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The Hillyfield

We restore an ancient Dartmoor woodland and are developing a woodland culture. Join us to get outside to join in to build barns, harvest willow or one of many other rewarding roles.
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or 07976589927

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